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Home Preschool for Toddlers!

Tammy Cundiff
Home Preschool for Toddlers!

I’m doing in home preschool with my two year old toddler!

We just started a couple of days ago.

We are starting with the basics. I will be adding one color and one shape per week.

We are learning about triangles this week.

I let him cut off corners of paper we didn’t need to make triangle shapes. He then glued the triangles on a blue paper. Blue is his color of the week! This also helps to develop cutting and gluing skills.

We are hoping to get some fun creative ideas and worksheets from this awesome web page!

Today, we will be exploring with paint.

I’ll be using a triangle stamper with paint to let him paint the shape on paper. We will be using blue paint. We also use song and dance to help him remember colors and shapes in a silly fun way.

I cannot wait to explore all the creative ways on here to teach our children!

Happy back to school everyone and happy learning! I hope you have a great year!

Home Preschool for Toddlers!
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Home Preschool for Toddlers!
August 11, 2022
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