Homemade soap tags

Homemade soap tags

Round homemade soap bar tags - Happines is Homemade

I used it on lavender homemade soap bars. The recipe for my bars is:

- 1 kg of melting soap base

- some lavender flowers from my garden

- purple soap dye

- 10 drops od lavender essential oil

- silicone mould

First you nedd to melt soap base in the microwave (30s intervals) - I put it in for too long and it went all over X)

When the base is melted, you add your dye and essential oil and lavender flowers (optional).

After you´ve put eerything, choose a mould and pur your mixture in. Let it sit until solid - then take your soap bars out, wrap it in parchment paper and glue the tag on and put a lavender ribbon.

I poured mine in pigglet-shaped silicone mould and gave them as a gift on my last day of work to the kids in my group.

One of the kids said, he won`t use it as a good luck charm but to wash his hand, because it is important to wash your hands in this corona-situation :)

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Homemade soap tags
September 6, 2020
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