Homeschool newbie

Kaitlin Prysi
Homeschool newbie

We're on an adventure with homeschooling for kindergarten! I'm super excited and loving the new world of teaching. I found this site while looking around for resources to use to supplement my curriculum. I decided to design my own curriculum instead of a premade kit and its definitely more challenging than I expected. I have so much more respect for teachers who have to design their own lessons plans!

I work full time so fitting in school time has its challenges. We're about 3 weeks in and doing okay. I definitely need to work on my lesson planning skills. I've been winging it so far and I don't think that's a good long term strategy.

I have two boys, kindergarten and preschool. They love allllllll the messy things but are good learners. I've found they both learn best by playing games so far. I try to make the lessons as game like and as fun as possible to keep them focused and engaged.

Homeschool newbie
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Homeschool newbie
September 11, 2021
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