How to Catch a Monster Activity

Here is Mrs. Brittany’s class at Elite Education in Gallatin, Tennessee we read, “How to Catch a Monster.” Then we created our own monsters as a fun craft activity and also wrote about how we would catch them! Check it out below and then get a free template so you can do it with your own class as well!

How We Made Our Monsters

First we colored what would be our monsters shapes and eyes whatever colors we liked.

Next, we cut-out the monster’s body and the eyes we wanted to use.

We glued whatever eyes we liked to use to our monster’s body.

We took a big piece of black cardstock and glued the monster’s body onto it and the list below of our guide about, “How to Catch a Monster!”

Finally, we wrote down how we would catch a monster!


Elite Education

Free Template

Monster Eyes

Click Here for More Ideas!

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