How to Treat Each Other

Tania hofmeyr
How to Treat Each Other

We sat in a circle and played pass the parcel. I had wrapped toys in layers of newspaper. Each child got turns to open a layer. Under the layer were different shape and colour toys which I asked the children to identify. This helped develop speech, use of short sentences, and helped us work on shape and colour identification.

I found this activity worked well in my age group as I work with 2 year olds. Our theme is good and bad habits how to treat each other.

My class enjoyed the activity, they did well in turn taking, sharing and enjoyed the surprise of what they could find under each layer of paper. We had success in some of my younger children identifying the colour and shape toys that were hidden. This was a theme I battled with as my class is so young it's hard to find things that hold their attention and that they understand.

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How to Treat Each Other
April 24, 2023
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