im a sped tutor

im a sped tutor

and i like to teach them using creative styles and method so that my class will never be bored and they can be independent someday. ive been a sped tutor for five years already and i can say that this is my mission in life: to teach and i really want to challenge myself and God gave me this kids so that i can also help myself. there are difficult times but there also times that the hardship we felt really paid off. seeing them going independent in small but many ways is such a big satisfaction for me, as their teacher. the things they do in their own is something i am proud to say that they are teachable too. people will say that they are misbehaving and hard headed but if only they understand that these kids should have special needs then they can empathize with them. i am proud im a sped teacher because i can see how unique my kids are and they need a teacher who will do everything for them

im a sped tutor
June 10, 2021
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