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Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

While learning about the weather, my students expressed about how they enjoyed going to indoor playhouses when it was a rainy day. Many studetns seemed to have visited indoor playgrounds before. Hence, we decided to create an indoor playhouse.

First, we looked at pictures of indoor playhouses and playgrounds from our local area. Children also brought in their own photos to share. Some visited Kiztopia and some enjoyed going to Donut playhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui. They also spoke about the different actvities we could find in these playhouses.

Then, we brainstormed ideas and started to think about which activities we would like for our playhouse. It was decided that we would make a ball pit with slides, a rock climbing wall, a big swing and lots of tunnels.

Finally, my students collaborated and created these elements using a variety of art materials. They also took turns to play with the playhouse using their personalized photo cards.

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Indoor Playhouse
February 8, 2023
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