Indoor, "Snow," Sensory Bin for Kids

.Grace Robinson
Indoor, "Snow," Sensory Bin for Kids

Indoor, "Snow," Sensory Bin for Kids

In the middle of a hot Summer, there is something special about being able to play with snow! With that in mind, Four Leaf Clover Preschool was able to use an ice shredder to give their students indoor, "Snow," to play with in sensory bins--it was a wonderful way to cool off!

Materials needed for the indoor, "Snow," sensory bins

To do this activity you will need:

  • An ice shredder/snow-cone machine
  • Ice cubes
  • Tubs to hold all the shaved ice/"snow"
  • Sandbox toys for scooping the, 'Snow," such as little shovels, funnels, bowls, and whatever you like

How to enjoy your indoor, "Snow," sensory bins

Follow these steps to enjoy your indoor, "Snow," sensory bins:

  1. Turn on your ice shredder/snow-cone machine and pour ice cubes into it so they get shredded.
  2. As the ice cubes are shredded and turn into, "Snow," take this, "Snow," out and put it in your tubs.
  3. Once all the tubs are full place the sandbox toys in them.
  4. Have the children start enjoying this, "Indoor," snow even if it is the hot Summer season!

Source for photos: Four Leaf Clover Preschool

Indoor, "Snow," Sensory Bin for Kids
July 22, 2020
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