Insect hunt in the Classroom

Insect hunt in the Classroom

Insect hunt in the Classroom

The insects hunt is a good activity where the children can gain their thinking skills and visual spatial awareness. Teacher describes the insect that the children should find and then they can go to different table to find that insect.

Through this activity the children learn different insects have similarities and differences. They also can associate the plastic insects with the real insect found at home or at school. Teacher can give additional materials such as matching the plastic insect with the pictures and then do observation in the garden to find the real insect. The children can also learn about the benefit of the insect and also what disadvantages of having certain insect in at school or at home. It is also fun to make insect models or make some insect painting with different tools such as pompom, string and leaves.

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Insect hunt in the Classroom
April 5, 2021
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