Celebrate an Insect Week With Your Children!

Diaper Gang Home Daycare in Champaign, Illinois has spent the last few weeks learning about the letter I/i and talked about something we all know that starts with that letter–insects!

You can celebrate an insect week with your children as well by making your own lightning bugs, cricket-themed headbands, crafting butterflies, and more! You can even make spiders even though they don’t count as insects (they are arachnids).

After doing these bug-themed activities you can always go outside and look for real bugs too–be safe as some sting and bite.


Below are some examples of worksheets involving insects that you can do with your kids too! There is one about what kinds of critters fit in jars, bug coloring, and tracing the lines of bees too! Plus, one really fun activity was taking a jar template and then having kids draw bugs in them.

Diaper Gang Home Daycare
Day Care

Jar Template 

This jar template is great for printing out and then drawing bugs inside for fun! Simply click on the picture of the jar to load it at full-size and then you can print it!

Jar Template 

Click Here for Even More Activity and Craft Ideas

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