Interesting activity

Interesting activity

In the school I use method such as finger-animals. My 10 month old daughter and I love these finger puppets! They are pretty well made and are good representation of each animal with appropriate horns (cows, fuzzy hairs (duck/horse, etc. Fits quite roomy on my fingers. I don't think my little girl can do this yet - probably fits 3 of her fingers, plus she will just eat them. What I didn't realize was the 12 pieces are actually 6 animals x 2, so there are two pigs, two cows, etc. I thought they would be 12 different animals! Minus one star for that! Also, when we first opened the package, there were some loose stips of fabric and such, so must wash before use. But that's a minor complaint. Each puppet has a tab/label so you can link them all on a plastic toy link, which is great to keep them together. Overall, we're very happy with purchase and will use these a lot at home and on the road, one set of 6 for each

Interesting activity
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Interesting activity
October 9, 2020
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