Investigating and Creating Fossils

Judy L Staudigel
Investigating and Creating Fossils

Today the children became paleontologists. They learned that a paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils. We looked at pictures of fossils. These pictures can be found online.We then moved to the sensory table filled with sand, actual fossils, and brushes. While searching through the sand and brushing them as real paleontologists would do, we made predictions as to what kinds of fossils one may find. At a nearby table, there were magnifying glasses available. We talked about how fossils are formed. I asked the children if they thought we might be able to create our own fossils. We brainstormed how we might do this. I brought out a tray of model magic and plastic insects. After many ideas were shared, the children figured how we could use these two items to create fossils. Each child rolled the model magic into a ball and then flattened it. Each child picked out a plastic insect. (Have the children choose something for their fossils based on their individual interests.)Using model magic and the plastic insects, we made our own fossils. I introduced another new vocabulary word, impression. The "fossils" will need to be placed on a tray to dry. The children enjoyed flipping them over once one side hardened.

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Investigating and Creating Fossils
September 22, 2021
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