Wassily Kandinsky Art Recreation Activity for Young Children

Olivia Johnson
Wassily Kandinsky Art Recreation Activity for Young Children

Wassily Kandinsky’s Art

At Peter Pan Schools in Almeda, California the young students learned about Wassily Kandinsky and then were invited to work at recreating his style of art in a fun activity!

Wassily Kandinsky was actually among the initial group of abstract painters of art in history. During his lifetime he said how colors were experienced by him as if they were sounds and believed he saw sounds as colors. This activity was designed to recreate his unique abstract art style by allowing children to use a, "Tinker tray," that contained a bunch of acrylic loose parts that were colorful and setting these pieces down on paper while in the meantime enjoying classical-style music and creating their own beautiful art!

Kandinsky-inspired Art!

The students doing the activity created all kinds of shapes and patterns in addition to gorgeous swirls, squiggles, and eye-catching zig-zags with the loose parts they used. The children had a great deal of fun playing around doing this fine motor activity. The kids really enjoyed doing a hands-on activity full of colors and textures that were so motivating and engaging!

Benefits of Doing this Wassily Kandinsky Art Recreation Activity

This activity is great as it helps promote the development of coordination plus fine motor skills in children due to how they are carefully placing as well as picking up the necessary loose parts onto their paper while making sure to only make a pincer grip with their hands. This activity also can have students sort and categorize the loose parts by size or color. Plus, to add an extra challenge for students it is possible to include rules such as only allowing the use of only one color when working along the guiding-lines on the paper.

It is also worth noting how doing play with loose parts is perfect for adding limitless possibilities of fun! It fosters problem-solving skills, helps develop creativity, provides students with exposure to new ideas as well as new materials and is key in developing decision making. By doing free-play of this nature it assists children with really being creative. By using whatever items they are provided with and utilizing what they already happen to know, they can combine these aspects to make a brand new thing!

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, CA, United States

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Wassily Kandinsky Art Recreation Activity for Young Children
February 13, 2020
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