Irish-Themed Sensory Table

.Chloe Thompson
Irish-Themed Sensory Table

Irish-Themed Sensory Table

At Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect, they had fun with an Irish-themed sensory table! This kind of sensory table perfectly fits the theme of discussing the country of Ireland if doing a unit on countries around the World, or as a part of a Saint Patrick's Day celebration.

Materials needed for the Irish-themed sensory table

To do this sensory table you should have:

  • A large tub/bin to hold everything
  • fake grass (can be paper, plastic, etc.)
  • Decorative shamrocks
  • Little pots (for holding gold)
  • Toy gold coins
  • Anything else you can think of

How to do the Irish-themed sensory table

To have fun with this Irish-themed sensory table follow these steps:

  1. Take your large tub/bin and dump everything in it
  2. Have the children play in it.
  3. You can give them challenges while they are playing such as, "Count 5 gold coins," or, "Find 4 shamrocks," to work on their skills.
  4. Enjoy the sensory table and when done dispose of everything/clean everything appropriately.

Source for photos: Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect

Irish-Themed Sensory Table
July 11, 2020
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