It's World Smile Day

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It's World Smile Day

We celebrated the World smile day yesterday to our nursery .

We decorated our Nursery and each classroom with yellow and smiley balloons to welcome the children with a beatiful smile.

We, in our class we decided to have activity that we know they gonna like it that they will be interested in what activity they gonna do for that day.

Our activity is to make a happy face using a yellow playdough to a laminated paper which has a girl or boy picture that has no face .They have to make their own smiley face and they love to do it and make them smile too while doing activity.

Secondly, is to make a smile emoji craft activity. They have to paint the paper plate withe yellow paint and after it dry, paste the printed eyes and and smiley mouth and your done !you already make your own smiley emoji craft activity.

And our lastly

It's World Smile Day

activity is smile in the mirror, which is to show there smile looking in a mirror to see there smiley faces on their own.These activity are fun to do. Just smile in the mirror to see how beautiful you are! specially whe you show your smile. just be happy and play along with your friends .Show your smiley faces to everyone to make them smile too and comfortable with you .

It's World Smile Day
October 1, 2021
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