K is for Kite Craft

K is for Kite Craft

K is for Kite Craft

They did a fun craft at Creative Wonders Childcare & Preschool! The students learned how K can stand for kite and then made their own kites out of their handprints. The result was beautiful and made a lovely creation to take home.

Creating kites

The kiddos made some awesome kites! They put paint on their hands and then pressed their hands onto construction paper. After that, they used markers to draw lines and little bows for their kites, with their hand serving as the main part of the kite. After the paint dried they were eager to show everyone the cool kites they had made! It was a great little craft and the kids enjoyed putting paint on their hands and then pressing it onto the paper--it was a fun textural experience!

Source for photos: Creative Wonders Childcare and Preschool

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K is for Kite Craft
July 12, 2021
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