Kandinsky-Style Art Project for Pre-K Students

.Chloe Thompson
Kandinsky-Style Art Project for Pre-K Students

Kandinsky-Style Art Project for Pre-K Students

Wassily Kandinsky was a famous Russian artist and art theorist. He if often thought of as one of the earliest artists to do, "Abstract Art," and his paintings of geometric shapes and colorful circles have impressed many people who look at them.

Kandinsky's uses of shapes and colors make discussing his artwork perfect for Pre-K classrooms where the students can do their own Kandinsky-style art project focused upon making colorful circles in squares just like he sometimes did!

Making Kandinsky-Style Art

To have your students make art in the style of Kandinsky all they need is a bunch of construction paper, scissors, and glue (glue sticks work great too). If you don't want your students to have to use scissors, you can cut-up circles of construction paper too for them to use. What you then do is have your students take different squares of construction paper and begin gluing smaller squares that are colorful onto the squares. This results in a gorgeous mixture of squares, circles, and colors, just like Kandinsky would make!

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Kandinsky-Style Art Project for Pre-K Students
March 15, 2020
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