Kids Art Activity: Focus on Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Keith Haring is an artist who was well-known for his incredible and kinetic paintings. His pop-art and graffiti-styled works often featured dancing figures of bright color.

With this in mind, at The Honor Roll School in Sugar Land, Texas the art students made their own life-size paintings inspired by Keith Haring on big paper sheets placed upon the floor!

In the Style of Keith Haring

To make their incredible paintings the students laid down on the paper and then other kids helped trace around their bodies. After that, they used the tracings as guides to fill-in and paint gorgeous bright figures–ones with impressive movement lines around them just as Haring was known for doing. You can learn more about Kieth Haring by visiting his website, (, or by reading-up on him via his Wikipedia page, ( › wiki › Keith_Haring). He was a fascinating artist who did so many incredible pieces that he is fantastic to study!

The Honor Roll School

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