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Kids camouflage

cai sherly
Kids camouflage

Topic: Lesson 1-6

Materials: cotton balls, glue, print and play, marker, stickers, doodle bunny, music


Warmer: Bunny Hop

Learn a new chant "Go, rabbit, go"

Play doodle bunny says game

Let kids try to control the doodle bunny

Practice "Yes, it does. No, it doesn't"

Let kids roleplay, with doodle bunny, suggest to add objects like tshirt, shoes etc.

Project: Rabbit collage

Give kids sample and ask "What do we need? how do we make it?"

Topic: Lesson 6

Materials: rabbit collages, chairs, speaker, stuffed animals


Warmer: Old mcdonald song

Pair share and roleplay

Kids pick a partner and try to roleplay using the dialogue

Pair check by the teacher and drill the sentence

Using the animals that they brought from home, kids share and apply the dialogue as well, follow through the area play

Animal habitats project: talk about groups and show samples

Area Play

Group 3 and 4, do the project

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Kids camouflage
February 22, 2023
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