Laundry Basket Painting Activity

Laundry Basket Painting Activity

Laundry Basket Painting Activity

At A to Z Discovery Childcare and Preschool they did a cool painting activity with a miniature laundry basket! They squirted paint on the inside, watched it drip down to the bottom, and then observed the designs it made. It was great for motor skills to squirt the paint and a lovely exercise for creativity.

Materials needed for this craft

To do your own laundry basket painting activity you need the following:

*A small laundry basket

*Paint--tempera or acrylic works well

*Construction paper.

*Glitter (optional for an extra fun touch)

How to do this craft

To create your own laundry basket painting activity follow these steps:

1. Lay your laundry basket on your construction paper.

2. Take your paint and squirt one color inside the basket.

3. Watch as the paint drips down and goes to the bottom, getting on the paper.

4. Keep squirting paint and having it go to the construction paper.

5. Lift the laundry basket up and look at the paint that is on the paper.

6. Add some glitter if you would like to as well while the paint is still wet.

7. Wait for the paint to dry.

8. Show everyone your neat craft!

Source for photos: A to Z Discovery Childcare and Preschool

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Laundry Basket Painting Activity
April 27, 2021
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