Leaf Collage and Leaf Rubbings for Bulletin Board

Yolanda Sifuentes
Leaf Collage and Leaf Rubbings for Bulletin Board

Leaf Collage and Leaf Rubbings for Bulletin Board

We have been learning about the seasons, and what makes fall special. Leaves are an important part of fall, with the changes in color and their falling off of trees. we have read some non-fiction books about fall in class.

The leaf recording sheet provided on this website is a great beginning activity.

My kindergarten students collected leaves and brought their collections to class. We first made a single leaf rubbing on writing paper, after I modeled the process. The students chose a color and wrote a sentence- The leaf is ___ (red, green, brown, orange, yellow). They also made a leaf rubbing picture with several leaves on legal size paper, to take home.

Our last activity was a simple leaf collage on construction paper. We used yellow, but you can use orange as well. The students will choose 6-8 leaves from their collections and place them on the paper. Then they proceed to glue them each on the construction paper. Elmer's glue works well, but try to have them use it in moderation. Too much glue can get messy. Allow collages to dry all day or overnight. You can send home or display in the classroom or on a bulletin board. The students really enjoy learning about leaves and making art with them.

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Leaf Collage and Leaf Rubbings for Bulletin Board
November 2, 2020
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