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Leaf name necklace

jami kessler
Leaf name necklace

During the fall theme week we tend to cover a lot. Between all the many leafs and holidays and new weather changes, its hard to wrap it up into one week. One of our favorite things to do with the children are creating name leaf necklaces. We simply cut out various shape leaves in fall colors and each child will get a stack of the leafs. In their stack of leafs will be letters to their name. The children then will spread out their leaves creating their name and will take their favorite colored marker and trace each letter. To make it fun we will incorporate beads into the activity as well in between their leaves to help also with learning about patters. The children then pick out their favorite color string and thread each leaf through the string then a bead in between. Once they get their leaf necklace double checked by a teacher. The teacher ties it to the child and they have their own leaf name necklace

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Leaf name necklace
October 13, 2022
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