Leaning number and hours by handmade clock

Nguyen Thi Thu
Leaning number and hours by handmade clock

Leaning number and hours by handmade clock.

I make this clock for my son. He is so excited when he learns color, number and hour. It's all thanks to this clock.

I think it's great ideal for you to recycle the bottle cap for environmental protection.

How to make it.

I make this clock by using the colorful bottle caps and wood. It will be very lively if you can collect different colored bottle caps. The wood surface should be smooth and free of sharp edges. This will be safer for children.

This clock can help kids to learn about number, color and hour. When kids open the bottle cap, it also help to practice the hand skills.

The clock toy with numbers in different colors stimulate the kids' sight to increase excitement when playing to help children not get bored.

I am a Vietnamese mother, I hope to get more comments or ideas from other mothers to make more toys for my kids. Thanks!

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Leaning number and hours by handmade clock
June 28, 2021
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