Learn and Play with Busy book

Learn and Play with Busy book

My student has busy book. He can play and learn from busy book that he had. He can study about numbers, letters, seasons, months and days, telling time, parts of body, etc. He learnt with his busy book happily. In this photo that I have taken, he learnt about numbers. He counted the dots of the cookies on it, then he tried to find the number that same with the total dots which is in the cookies. He also learnt to find the number, mention the name of the number that he took, and put into the same number with the number that he has taken. He was happy to learn numbers with using busy book. Because he could learn with having fun. Kids are so happy if learn with activities. Kids can get bored if we asked them to learn with read books, write on books. If we want to see them happy while study, we can ask them to run, jump, find the numbers or the letter that we ask, and we should gave some images or pictures on the activity that we want to do with them like busy book that we have been used to study. We didn't need to buy busy book because busy book are so expensive, we can use images from the internet, then we can ask them to find it after we hide all of images

Learn and Play with Busy book


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Learn and Play with Busy book
March 7, 2022
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