Learn From Home

Learn From Home

Learn From Home

i'm the teacher in Indonesia

i am working on Daycare in Bandung City

i'm teaching in Kindergarten A class

while the covid-19 came to this world, we actually feel bad, because the school is closed. but we must fight for the growth kids.

we need activity to help the kids play and learn in their home

since i'm meet this web, i feel happy because i can give the activity in their home by send.

i must give a happy activity for kids, i dont wanna kids feel bored while their working their activity because the activity is not fun. i want the kids feel happy while their working their craft in their home.

i need an idea for make the good activities for kids

i need an idea for make the fun activities for kids too

i hope you can give me a free craft to help the kids activities in their home

thank you and good bye

this is i gift the picture while kids learn in their home (up)

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Learn From Home
January 13, 2021
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