Learn Letter and Number - Play Puzzle

Learn Letter and Number - Play Puzzle

I wanted to introduce to my private student about letter and number. I tried to teach her through this game. We played letter and number from this puzzle game. I asked her to take letter and number that I have put and move to the another place. She took all of them and tried to find letter one by one with sing ABC song and tried to find number one by one with mentioned by number sequences. After did this activity, I asked her to took letter and number that I mentioned only. She can solve that letter and number puzzle. She was happier doing this activity than I asked her to study by books. Children like more activity than sit quietly. We can find this puzzle game on online store. There were many animal letter and number puzzle. One of them was like that I have used. I have used a peacock puzzle.

Learn Letter and Number - Play Puzzle
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Learn Letter and Number - Play Puzzle
March 3, 2022
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