Drawing Geometric Shapes And Studying Symmetry

Drawing Geometric Shapes And Studying Symmetry

Drawing Geometric Shapes And Studying Symmetry

At Sunrise School of Miami, their students had been learning about form drawing as well as freehand geometry. They moved beyond that however to learn about how to use items such as straight edges of compasses so that they could make even more impressive geometric shapes! The kids enjoyed learning about how geometry reflects the natural order, logical rules, and looks beautiful when it is designed to create a simple-yet-gorgeous symmetry!

The beauty of geometry

The students made beautiful creations and learned a lot about geometry in the process. Geometry is a math concept, so this fun activity essentially combined math and art in a manner that was fun as well as educational (and looked amazing when completed too). Everyone was eager to showcase their works when done and displayed them with pride!

Source for photos: Sunrise School of Miami

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Drawing Geometric Shapes And Studying Symmetry
November 4, 2020
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