Learning About and Practicing Color Theory

Learning About and Practicing Color Theory

Learning About and Practicing Color Theory

At Another Best Childcare & Learning Center, they learned about color mixing, shading, and tinting!

Learning about the colors

First, the students were informed about how when you mix certain colors it can create a new one--red and blue make purple, for example. The kids also learned about how by adding a bit of black or white to their colors they can do some shading or add a tint. Once it was reviewed all the ways colors can be altered and influenced, they put what they learned into practice!

Colorful fun

Everyone had a grand time taking their papers and mixing all the colors on them to make beautiful work. The creativity on display was impressive as the kiddos used what they learned about colors to design awesome stuff!

Source for photos: Another Best Childcare & Learning Center

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Learning About and Practicing Color Theory
March 18, 2021
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