Learning About and Practicing Gyotaku

Learning About and Practicing Gyotaku

Learning About and Practicing Gyotaku

At St. David's Nursery School, the children learned about Gyotaku. Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese method of making a print from a fish, a practice that started in the mid-1800s. It was done by fishermen to record the size and shape of fish they caught before photography was commonly practiced. Now, it is used to make beautiful artwork. The class learned about this and then did their own Gyotaku! They were able to use real fish too!

Materials needed to do Gyotaku

To do Gyotaku you will need the following:

*Large sheets of paper

*Paint or ink

*Fish--can be real or a fake plastic one

How to do Gyotaku

To do Gyotaku you need to follow these steps:

1.Take your fish and lay it on a large sheet of paper.

2. Carefully coat your fish in paint or ink.

3. Take another sheet of paper and gently press it on top of your fish.

4. Gently remove the sheet that was pressed on the fish--lift it slowly!

5. Look at the imprint you made, this is doing Gyotaku!

Source for photos: St David's Nursery School

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Learning About and Practicing Gyotaku
March 24, 2021
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