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Learning about body parts

Learning about body parts

Learning about body parts

Give each child a piece of paper and start dictating to them. The goal is to draw a complete creature according to the teacher’s instructions. We start with the head (and the number of heads) and continue with (number) eyes…ears etc. If the kids are small, use TPR for better explanation and enjoy the outrageously fun results - a true art exhibition. :)

You can include only the parts that you have studied. You can include shapes, colours, and numbers as well, to make the instruction more complex for more advanced students. The options are endless.

It’s a good idea to tell them to draw bigger heads in the beginning because adding all the other parts becomes more difficult later, even though they utterly enjoyed drawing hair coming from the legs and noses :). Just have fun with this activity! There is no preparation necessary!

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Drawing Body Parts ...

Learning about body parts
November 3, 2022
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