Learning About Emotions...in Spanish!

Learning About Emotions...in Spanish!

Learning About Emotions...in Spanish!

Emotions are an important thing for younger children to learn how to understand and express. Learning another language also can be an extremely useful skill for young children as many studies show being bilingual helps one with understanding their native language and another. With this in mind, they learned about emotions in English and Spanish at Lakeside Preschool!

Displaying emotions in multiple languages

To learn about emotions in both English and Spanish, the students would wear a fun cut-out that said, "How are you feeling," and then would read a sheet of paper that showed a picture of an emotion as well as how it is said in Spanish. These kids would then model the emotion once they think they knew and their classmates would guess the emotion in English and Spanish! It was a fun group activity for sure!

Source for photos: Lakeside Preschool

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Learning About Emotions...in Spanish!
January 8, 2021
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