Learning about germs

Teacher Annie
Learning about germs

Learning about germs


In the first days of the beginning of the pandemic, work at home on the issue of germs and the importance of frequent hand washing. Currently when we return to school we continue working on it.

In order to carry out this activity you will need.

A book or story that talks about germs. Here I show the book titled Doc McStuffins I want to stay healthy. Currently I also use the books Sesame Street Washi wash and other healthy habits and Heroes wear masks Elmos super adventure.

Create with foam two slices of bread or if you have available two of toys.


Painting. I chose green.


We started by reading the book and talking about diseases, germs, and hygiene. Then I ask them to think that they went to play and I invite them to give me their hands and I make dots with the paint on them and I explain that these are germs. I ask them again to think that they are hungry and want to have a snack and I offer them one of the bread slices. They catch it but see that it is stained with paint. I ask them what could have happened, I let them answer, according to their answers I explain that they forgot to wash their hands and that they have filled their bread with germs. Now I invite you to wash your hands with soap, at the end I invite you again to take the other piece of clean bread and repeat the questions, but now at the end explaining that when you wash your hands there are no germs in them and neither in the bread.


Ask questions and allow the child to think and answer before you explain.

You can use other foods.

Use simple words that the child can understand.

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Learning about germs
September 11, 2021
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