Learning About Healthy Teeth and Habits

Learning About Healthy Teeth and Habits

Learning About Healthy Teeth and Habits

Learning is so much fun and during the lockdown in South-Africa we enjoy learning so much. This weeks theme is around teeth and food which is good and bad for our teeth.

 To be creative, we decided to make our own teeth to demonstrate how to brush and clean our mouths.

Material you would need:

white cardboard

paint brush

white spray paint

pink paint

glue gun

any 10 cold drink plastic bottles


Brown marker


Do do this activity, you would need:

Cut the bottom of the bottles about 1/3 to the bottom

Spay paint them with the white spay paint and leave to dry. You would need to spay about 3 layers

Paint the cardboard with the pink paint. Also about 2 layers

Use the glue gun and stick it to the pink cardboard in a oval shape (see picture attached)

Leave to dry completely

Now color pieces of Prestix with the brown marker as stick to some teeth to make it look like food pieces.

Its important to play with the teeth set and explain to your kids that when you brush your teeth, all the food pieces go away. remove the brown prestix from the teeth and shoe the healthy teeth. With that its also important to teach them which food is good and bad for teeth by sorting the food types with the smiling and sag teeth pictures. We also do daily activities such as tracing which stimulates the connection be tween numbers, shapes and colors.

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Learning About Healthy Teeth and Habits
May 27, 2020
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