Learning About Holi

Learning About Holi

Learning About Holi

At CurioCity Childcare, they love learning about other religions and cultures. As a part of this interest in diversity, the kids learned about the Hindu holiday of Holi.

All about Holi

Holi just happened in March and is a festival in the Hindu faith which celebrates Spring, love, and new life as we leave Winter for the colors of the new Spring season! Also called, "The festival of colors," the kids celebrated Holi by doing the traditions of singing, dancing, and (gently) throwing powered paint and colored water! The kids really enjoyed learning about another culture and covering themselves in the colorful paint. It was a great way to mark the arrival of Spring as well as learn about other cultures and religions.

Source for photos: CurioCity Childcare

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Learning About Holi
April 4, 2021
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