Learning About Lungs With Grapes

Learning About Lungs With Grapes

Learning About Lungs With Grapes

At Bambino Learn and Playhome, they were educated about lungs and used grapes to help model how a lung looks with its alveoli and bronchioles. It was really fun and educational!

Learning all about lungs

The children really loved learning about lungs and using some grapes as a model of how lungs look--they worked really well! Everyone learned how lung tissue feels just a little spongy, kind of like grapes. The kiddos touched the grapes and pretended they were like lungs. They admired how the graphs illustrated the way lungs would have alveoli and bronchioles. It was discussed how lungs provide oxygen to the entire body and keep us alive and energized. Having a visual model was a great idea!

Source for photos: Bambino Learn and Playhome

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Learning About Lungs With Grapes
March 8, 2021
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