Learning About Polar Bears With a, “Can, Have, Are,” Chart

At Majestic Harbor Children’s Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts the PS2 class had a bunch of fun learning about Polar Bears by using a, “Can, Have, Are,” chart.

What is that? Well, it is a chart that is created on a big piece of paper and discusses a subject, such as in this case Polar Bears!

How to Use a, “Can, Have, Are,” Chart

This chart works by having three different sections spread-out on the piece of paper.

The general idea is that it is written down what Polar Bears can do–“Hunt food, Live on Ice, Swim Good,” what they have–“Ears, Fur, Blubber,” and what they are–“Mammals, Big, Fast.” By breaking down a subject such as Polar Bears this way students can begin to understand a lot about something that at first was maybe confusing to them.

A, “Can Have Are,” chart can be used for a wide range of subjects, with Polar Bears being just one example of how to use this useful style of chart!

Majestic Harbor Children’s Center
Gloucester, MA, United States


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