Learning About Pond Life Craft Activity for Preschoolers

At Little Bear’s Adventure Center in Portland, Connecticut they learned about pond life by doing a fun craft activity.

They took construction paper and different colors of paint which they used to create a beautiful pond full of leaves, flowers, and lily pads. It was very educational as the students learned about what kind of animals live in ponds and what pond life is like while they crafted an assortment of animals as well, such as making little frogs and other items. You can do this with your class too and teach them about ponds!

Fun Pond Life Facts

Here are some facts about ponds you can share with students:

  • Frogs lay their eggs in ponds which hatch into tadpoles and then grow into frogs themselves.
  • Ponds tend to be freshwater, not saltwater.
  • Insects such as mosquitoes will lay their eggs in ponds because many ponds are still-water.

Little Bear’s Adventure Center
Portland, CT, United States

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Author: .Grace Robinson

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