Learning about the shops in the streets

Ariadna Fern
Learning about the shops in the streets

Learning about the shops in the streets

Last year, my kindergarteners realized how many shops we could find in our streets! Most of the times we use to go to supermarkets where we find everything we need, but it's always positive to value what little stores nearby can offer us.

We first asked our parent's to take us for a walk though the city, and discover how many different stores we could find. Afterwards, we shared them with our classmates and googled them. It was so fun having a virtual walk and see our findings!

Then we chose our favorite stores and made a little craft. I took the idea from a blog (honestly, I can't remember the name of the post, I have been looking for it in my PC's search history and it disappeared). I copied the pattern and gave it to them. Then, they had to cut and paste everything properly. Finally, they wrote the name of the store, drew an objet that could be found there and colored them the way they pleased.

Here are some pictures of the final result.

I hope someone find the idea as helpful as I did when I saw it on that blog. If someone knows the activity (or saw that same post) I would be very pleased if I get informed, so that I could mention it in my post. Thank you very much in advance. Have a lovely day!

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Learning about the shops in the streets
September 14, 2021
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