Learning About Therapy Dogs

Learning About Therapy Dogs

Learning About Therapy Dogs

Goldsmith Early Childhood Center had a day where the children got to learn all about and interact with real therapy dogs! The kids were informed about how these specially-trained dogs can help people who are blind, deaf, have certain allergies, suffer from PTSD, or have some other disability where the therapy dogs are of great assistance.

Therapy dogs are very special

All the kids learned how therapy dogs are special as they go through hours upon hours of training. The children also were informed how if you see a therapy dog in public you should not pet it because it is working unless you ask its owner and they say it is okay. Learning about all the great things therapy dogs do and the proper way to interact with them made for a great day!

Source for photos: Goldsmith Early Childhood Center

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Learning About Therapy Dogs
October 23, 2020
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