Learning About Vegetables and Counting With Corn

Learning About Vegetables and Counting With Corn

Learning About Vegetables and Counting With Corn

At Community Preschool and Childcare, they learned about vegetables and practiced their math skills by counting corn kernels! The students were given print-outs of stalks of corn with numbers on them and then (with assistance from their teacher, were able to count out the correct number of kernels to match the number upon the stalk. It was a fun activity and complemented the worksheets everyone did about other vegetables in general too!

Making counting fun

By incorporating something such as kernels of corn, it helps give children a visual aspect to their learning of counting that is very helpful. Plus, counting unique items such as corn kernels is fun! By making counting a fun activity it can help children to be more engaged with their learning.

Source for photos: Community Preschool and Childcare

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Learning About Vegetables and Counting With Corn
November 27, 2020
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