Learning letter appearance

Sandra Vagale
Learning letter appearance

When children learn letters, lessons are organized in the beginning where they strengthen the appearance of the letter.

Every day should have an alphabet of letters, in a prominent place and large enough letters to be seen from a distance.

Learning letter appearance

Familiarity with letters should be planned and done gradually, no more than 1 day each week. Taking turns organizing lessons in which they repeat previously learned letters.

Letter repetition can be integrated into different lessons.

For example: -

thematically decorating with elements on the subject to be learned;

the appearance of the letter is made similar to the one at the beginning of which this letter is;

decorate letters in sensory activities with natural materials or materials with different surfaces;

in creative activity - pasting letters, painting, creating, etc.;

The appearance and sound of the letter are strengthened in many different ways, and the main thing is to approach it in a planned way, take into account the child's development, allow yourself to be creative.

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Learning letter appearance
April 28, 2023
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