Learning the Physics of Pendulum Painting

Learning the Physics of Pendulum Painting

Learning the Physics of Pendulum Painting

They learned about physics via doing pendulum painting at Little Seeds Children's Center! the kids loved learning about the forces of motion and gravity doing this new painting technique that involved a swinging pendulum made out of water balloons! It was a rainbow of colors that were used and the resulting combination of art and science was gorgeous.

Beautiful creations from a pendulum

A pendulum is a fixed object that is hung from a point that can then swing freely back and forth due to the force of gravity. The kids talked about other objects that move back and forth such as swings and see-saws. When objects move back and forth that models the same physics as a pendulum. When the pendulum was set-up they experimented with different timing when swinging the balloons, keeping them stationary, and using different sized ones. It was a great activity that made some cool artwork!

Source for photos: Little Seeds Children's Center

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Learning the Physics of Pendulum Painting
March 27, 2021
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