Learning to Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Learning to Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Learning to Paint Like Jackson Pollock

They had a ton of fun with paint at First Presbyterian Preschool! The children learned about the painter Jackson Pollock and how he experimented with space and color to make complex and beautiful art. The kiddos also were excited to learn how Pollock would literally, "Throw," paint and drip it to create his amazing works. They were eager to all collaborate and work together to make their own creations just like Pollock's work with a similar painting style!

Laying everything down

Pollock famously laid his canvases on the ground before he would throw his paint. The teachers took everyone outside (to reduce the mess) and then laid down various sheets the students were able to throw their paint upon to make their works!

Experimenting with color and space

The children had a ball throwing paint and watching it splatter. They made some fantastic works using Pollock as an inspiration!

Source for photos: First Presbyterian Preschool

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Learning to Paint Like Jackson Pollock
June 30, 2021
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