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Learning to use 'Paint'

Lynn Hastie
Learning to use 'Paint'

My pupils are learning to use Paint. In our previous lesson we had learnt how to find and open the program and also how to change the colour of the marks we were making on the screen. I'd noticed than some pupils struggled to control the mouse accurately enough to be able to easily click on the items they needed so decided to create a task to help them practice their mouse skills.

This week we explored the different brushes in Paint. Pupils were shown an example of a striped pattern using different colours and brush styles and were challenged to create their own. Pupils found this tricky but showed increasing resilience as they saw their patterns grow across the screen. Some were able to use their knowledge of colour to create pleasing paint schemes.

Using their new skills, pupils were also challenged to create their own pictures and some were able to apply their knowledge of brushes to these as well.

Learning to use 'Paint'
September 15, 2022
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