Learning Via Dramatic Play For Preschoolers

Numerous studies have shown that preschool students learn exceptionally well via play. At SHINE Christian Preschool their kiddos engaged in dramatic play and had a fantastic time!

Basics of Dramatic Play

To have your toddler engage in dramatic play, the main focus should be on open-ended fun. You can provide them with materials such as outfits, toys, and creative set-ups and let their imaginations run wild!

Suggestions for Dramatic Play


Some great forms of dramatic play include but are not limited to:

  • Pretending to be firefighters
  • Imaginary picnics
  • Pretending to do chores like vacuuming, ironing, or washing the dishes
  • Imagining cooking a meal
  • Pretend grocery-shopping
  • Playing with baby dolls and pretending they are real babies

Source for Photos: SHINE Christian Preschool

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