Lego car wash with soapy water!

Emma Cobb
Lego car wash with soapy water!

I work in a nursery in the preschool room, so I work with child 3 -5.

We have a few children with an interest in water play and cars so we used lego to make a car wash building in the middle of the tuff tray and drew some roads with a white chalk marker going around the tray and into the car wash, we laminated coloured card and arched them to tape them in place to make tunnels for them to drive through! We added some soapy water around the car wash for the children to wash their cars! It's a good small world activity if the kids love cars and can always add material to the lego so they can drive through it to make it even more fun!

We added numbers using sticky labels to the top of the cars and the tunnels to help with recognising numbers too when they had to find the same number on the car to what was on the tunnel. You can use this to learn colours too and talk about the process of washing a car.

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Lego car wash with soapy water!
May 6, 2021
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