lesson Plan: Graphing With Unifix Cubes and Shapes for Preschoolers


1. The students will have the ability to create as well as verbally describe a pattern.
2. By utilizing a pattern recognition activity sheet, the students will then be able to examine and continue a pattern of shapes even if differently colored.

3. The students will work to visually recognize an assortment of different shapes and will have the ability to count each shape, fill-in a graph for each of the shapes to the correct height, and will be able to circle the shapes which appears the most often.


This activity is best done in a single small group.

Materials and Preparing

• Activity sheet for pattern recognition.
• Activity sheet for group graphing.
• Plastic unifix cube and/or teddy bear counters

Free Worksheets

Click on the picture to download the worksheets

Language of Instruction

The teacher should use words such as: the same as, color, count, number, how many, compare, in order, add, pattern, shape, continue the pattern and extend the pattern.

The students should use words such as: Same, different, more than, fewer than, and they should be able to name the shapes introduced.

Procedure to do the Activities

Graphing With Unifix Cubes

  1. First the children will make an AB pattern where they use two colors with the unifix cubes. They will start with A-B-A-B, B-B-A-B-B-A, A-A-B-B-A-A and so forth.
Creating Unifix Cube patterns and then coloring them.
Creating Unifix Cube patterns and then coloring them.
Witt/Skinkle @K3JamesBolton


Graphing With Different Shapes

  1. Once the students have finished this activity they will then make a pattern with different shapes.
  2. After they are comfortable with making different patterns, students can be given the activity sheet for pattern recognition.
  3. The students will examine the activity sheet and draw the shape that goes next in the patterns.
  4. After finishing this activity the students will be prepared to do the graphing activity (which can be done another day if desired).
  5. Now the students will count each shape and fill in the graph that displays each shape. They will do this to the correct height and then circle the shape they see occurs/appears the most often.

Сlick on the picture to download the worksheets

Going a Little Further

Explain to the students that they will now make a pattern using the teddy baer counters. They will make this pattern using two different colors as well as two different sizes (such as a big blue bear followed by a red small bear, followed by another big blue bear, then another small red bear, and so forth).

After the bears the students will create a pattern using two different shapes as well as two different colors (such as a blue square and a red rectangle followed by another blue square and red rectangle, and so forth).

Assessment and Evaluation

It can be good to keep observation data of student responses to the teacher’s questions. The teacher may want to take informal noes or create their own specific checklists to track their student’s progress.

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Сlick on the picture to download the worksheets

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