Preschool Lesson Plan About Rectangles

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Lesson Plan: Geometric Shapes that are Rectangles

This is the second math lesson intended for preschool-aged (3-5) children. It is focused on rectangles and examining them spatially as well.

Lesson Plan #2: Geometric Shapes that are Rectangles


  • Learn to identify rectangle and find shapes within them.
  • Learn how to distinguish the differences between a square and a rectangle.
  • Use spatial reasoning while examining shapes on a piece of paper.

Materials Needed:

  • Building material (colorful foam blocks work great)
  • Geometric shapes made from paper
  • The pictures of shapes

1. Attention Grabber/Introduction

Give the student the pictured shapes. Ask them to identify each shape and state which is larger, smaller, smallest.

Picture 1

Pic 1

2. Becoming Familiar with Rectangles

Put a square upon another square, this results in a rectangle. It has two sides that are shorter and two that are longer. Each side matches the other too. Now give your student a set of multiple rectangles and squares.

Have the student compare the geometric squares and rectangles, dividing them into two separate groups. After the assignment is done have the student look at objects around the room and identify what looks similar to a rectangle.

Picture 2

3. Arranging Figures

Give the student three different shapes and give directions about where to place them relative to one another. Such as saying, “Put the circle underneath the triangle,” or, “Put the square to the left of the rectangle,” and so forth.

Picture 3

4. Paper Sheet Orientation

Draw a circle at the top of a sheet of paper and then draw a square at the bottom. Then put a green triangle in the middle of the sheet with a yellow rectangle on top of it and a red rectangle underneath it. Now, ask questions about where shapes are relative to each other and have students answer the questions. Ask about colors and drawn shapes as well.

Picture 4

5. Building With Blocks

Have students build a house out of building blocks. Assist the student as needed by pointing-out how shapes exist relative to each other in the spaces pictured versus the tower they are trying to build.

6. Exercise Break

Do some physical exercise for a break (dancing, jumping jacks, or whatever you want).

7: Shape Bingo

Do bingo with geometric shapes. You can download the bingo cards for the activity at this link.

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