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Lessons About Bees

Sandra Vagale
Lessons About Bees

Bee week is about and around bees - we play theater, draw, make honey and taste bee products!

Lessons About Bees

We sing, dance, read books, listen and watch and many other interesting facts about the bee colony.

February 2 is candle day and we prepare candles and candlesticks and learn more about what light is.

After reading a book about bees, we create a beehive house together, all that remains is to assume the role of a beekeeper. We appoint our beehive queen, guards, scouts and honey gatherers, and beehive cleaners.

In mathematics, we count and compare shotgun families. We solve the tasks of how many bees there are when some fly back or fly away to the meadow.

As the bees sorted and made flower bouquets, we repeated the names of the flowers. The younger children sorted the colored bees on the flowers according to their color.

The children memorized the facts about bees very well and at the same time improved other skills, and most importantly, we formed cordial and cooperative relationships!

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Lessons About Bees
January 30, 2023
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