Let's Catch a Leprechaun

Teacher Annie
Let's Catch a Leprechaun

Here I leave our activity for Saint Patrick's Day. I hope it will be helpful for next year.

Objectives that we work:

Social: Knowledge of traditions and festivities of the world, on this occasion Saint Patrick's Day.

This time we worked on STEAM as we planned what trap we wanted to create, how to make it work and more.

For this activity you will need:

1. Books that talk about Saint Patrick's Day. This time I used two books: Elmo's Lucky Day and The Night Before St. Patrick's Day.

2. Plastic containers. cans, boxes, or whatever materials you have available that will work for the type of trap you wish to create. This time we used a container of oatmeal and a box of cereal.

3. Colorful images on the subject. I used some images from the page: A for Adley

4. Materials for crafts that you have available.

5. Toy gold coins if you have them available.

We started the activity by reading the book The Night Before St. Patrick's Day from which the girls took the ideas to plan and create the traps. We were analyzing how these were going to work and then we looked for the materials that we were going to use. In the process they were creating their traps and decorating them. We did tests at the end to confirm that they would work. Then we read the story Elmo's Lucky Day with which we were able to learn more about this tradition. To finish we did a search for gold coins that I had hidden previously and we used them to place them near our traps.

Note: This year we couldn't catch the Leprechaun so hopefully it will be next time.

Let's Catch a Leprechaun
Let's Catch a Leprechaun
May 9, 2023
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